Xpilot : The Newbieguide 

Why so many servers have disappeared from the meta...

The latest version of XPilot is 4.5.4, get it here.

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Added comments

This is a good guide, but jarno rushed a little too much. Sent $1 to 140 Grant St., Lexington MA 02420, USA, to refresh his memory. (I will doit when I get the cash)

    By Drunken Russian

Perhaps you could add a "how to switch to mouse"-guide?
Seems that most start as Keyboarders and then switch...

    By Throat

I did mention the mouse in chapter "Steering" and in "Remapping your keys".
But maybe I should expand it a bit. (It's hard for a Keyboarder) :-)

    By J-a-r-n-o

    By Russian R' us

A dollar? How do i get a dollar i live in U.K
    By Dr_Zeuss

ummmmmmmmm i dont even see any servers so like WHAT THE HECK
    By dont have one

Weird, what does XPWho tell you?
Usually there are two metaservers running.
(which is where the servers are listed, so XPWho should always be able to connect to one of them)

    By J-a-r-n-o

I wanna play XPILOT but i just cant seem to download it from your page. Now Im not saying its your fault but..... oh yes yes it is your fault lemme play XP please i want it to work
    By Limm

The link above DOES work. However it's very slow...
Maybe I should just mirror it. That would probably make a lot of people happy. :-)

    By J-a-r-n-o

    By twit

u guys are gay
    By rrrrrrrtfgg

Ah, there's nothing like some constructive critism to help improve this page.
    By J-a-r-n-o

thank you for your guide
    By Jojo

You're my hero J-a-r-no!! =P I can't register my name for some reason....
    By Joe

That's why my meta-interface page says "BROKEN".
Because it's broken. ;-)

    By J-a-r-n-o

what your not saying in the newbieguide that on the new nokia wap you can play xpilot
    By jvh

    By garri

Long Live the true online gamers :)
    By Sykes.uk

how do i access map editor
    By m-3-t--b-i-o

Where can I find some worlds to put on my sever
    By m-3-t-- b-i-o-2

I know your out there, I can feel you.
Follow the white xpilot.

    By Neo

This is a good site it just needs some were to download. Give it a thought.
    By kuest

Hey Jarno, u ever actually on XPilot? I've never seen u...
    By RuneValkyrie

How do I connect to a game over LAN?
    By Bagnaj97

xpilot: the greatest thing since cannister vacuums.
    By HapyBri

I just got Xpilot version 4.7.1. When i go to "internet servers" the window goes blank for a minute or so, then a list of servers (is supposed to) appears. However, there are no servers in that list (the list is blank). Should i download an older version of Xpilot (woth XpWho), or what else?
    By Tennisman

*woth=with. Also, I tried to download Xpilot from your site (above), but it DIDN'T work. Internet Explorer says "The page you are looking for is unavailable".
    By Tennisman