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You can change your appearance in the game by using a different shipshape. The shipshape you get as a default is the white triangle, unless you selected a different one in XPwho.

Here are some fine examples of shipshapes

Here you can see some players using their own shipshapes. You can get your own shipshape too by building one yourself.
You can make one by hand, but it is easier to use a shipshape-editor. I have built an editor myself. It's a java-applet so you can start building immediately. There is also another shipshape-editor, which comes with Xpilot. Yet another shipshape-editor is called "ShipShaper". It's written in Java (not an applet) and you need JRE to run it.

My editor will produce a text like :

xpilot.shipShape: (AU: J-a-r-n-o.nl)(SH: 11,-1 7,8 -2,3 2,-7 -13,-10 -11,2 -2,8)(EN: -15,1)(MG: 9,0)(RG: 0,3 -10,-6)(RR: 1,-3 -5,4)(MR: 10,-2)
You can directly paste this text in XPilot.shp, which can be found in your Xpilot-directory. Make sure that the entire shipshape is on one line. You can now select your shipshape in XPwho.
The other editor can work directly in XPilot.shp, where XPwho gets it's shipshapes from.

So pick the one you like, mine, ShipShaper or the standard...

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