Xpilot : Newbieguide Windows : Steering

Steering is the first thing you should learn, and you probably already know how to do this.
Then again, this is the absolute newbieguide.

A rotate counterclockwise
S rotate clockwise
<SHIFT> Accelerate
<ENTER> Shoot
<SPACE> Raise shield
<KP_ENTER> Toggle between keyboard- and mouse-steering
This should keep you moving about. More about tweaking the settings for both keyboard and mouse in chapter "Basic configuration".
Shields are not available on all the servers though. And by default autoShield is turned on. This means, that your shield lowers when you shoot and raises again when you stop shooting.
If you touch <SPACE> autoShield will no longer be on. Now you must manually raise your shields.

Pausing is also a little tricky. You have to be on your base if you want to pause. This means it is best to press <PAUSE/BREAK> when you have just died and are still sitting on your base.

If you use mouse to steer and XPilot doesn't respond well, try turning off threadedDraw.

Close XPilot.
Open your XPilot.ini.
Search for
and change it to False.
Save the file.
Start XPilot again and see if it helps.

Error, corrupted file
Error, id 003 does not exist