Xpilot : Newbieguide  : Mines, missiles and simple modifiers

Mines and missiles are other ways to kill your fellow players.

First about the mines. When you drop a static mine, your dropped mine does not move. However when you throw a mine, it will keep going with the speed you have when you throw it.

Friendly mine Enemy mine
A friendly mine. This one will not explode when you come to close. An enemy mine. This one will explode when you come too close.

The mines will explode when :

  1. An unfortunate player comes too close.
  2. You remotely detonate the mine.
  3. The lifetime of your mine has expired.
  4. The mine hits a wall
On to the missiles.
Missiles are dangerous
Missiles are very deadly, HELP!

There are three ways of launching your missiles :

  1. As a torpedo. The missile will follow a straigth line until it hits something or somebody. Or passes somebody, since torpedoes are proximitysensitive.
  2. As a heatseeker. The missile will lock on to the closest thrusting player. That player can also be you, so don't accelerate when launching you heatseekers.
  3. As a smart missile. The missile will lock on the the person you have locked with the arrowkeys.
You can affect the way the mines and missiles will behave by altering the modifiers if that is allowed by the server.
C This will enable clustermines and missiles.
X This will launch 2, 3 or 4 smaller mines and missiles.
N This will create nuclear mines and missiles.
When a non-clustermine explodes, it will push the player(s) away. Hopefully into a wall.
When a clustermine explodes, it will explode in lots of bullets, killing every unshielded player in the neighbourhood.
When a non-clustermissile impacts it will kill, what it has hit
When a clustermissile impacts it will kill AND explode in bullets, though less then mines.

When you use the X-modifier, the mines and missiles will be divided into smaller mines and missiles. Thereby weakening their strength and proximityfuse and lowering their lifetime and range.

The nuclear modifier will produce very strong mines and missiles, but they usually require 5 mines or 7 missiles, just to launch one nuke.
Clusternukes will spread their bullets all over the level. Except of course the parts shielded by a wall.
non-clusternukes are powerful too, they will slam every player into the wall, usually killing them.

There are even more modifiers you can use. More about those can be found in chapter "Advanced modifiers".
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