Xpilot : Newbieguide  : Starting a server

To start a server, just run XPilot-server.exe.

When you press "Start Server" it will load the map called "The Globe". It takes a while for the server to start.
You know if the server is running when this text appears.
The server is now running

Other maps can be loaded too, since just one map would be pretty boring.
There are already a lot of maps in ....\lib\maps in the xpilot-directory.
I have some maps too, which you can find here.

Need even more maps?
Vincent's mappages is a good place to find good maps.
And xpilot.org houses a lot too in it's FTP.

To load in a map, just press "Configure" and type

-map <mapname>
where <mapname> is subtituted by the mapfile.

The server will run until it is told to stop. While the server is running it will print out a message to the messagebox whenever someone joins or leave.

To stop the server, just press "Stop".

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