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The client

This is what the client looks like. The window in the upperleft is your radar. You can see all the other players (if the server allows it) as white dots. Your ship is the white dot with a line sticking out of it. That line also gives the direction you are facing, which can be quite helpful when you shipshape has no apparent front.

The right window is the actual playingfield. The ship in the center is your ship.

The lower left window shows the menubuttons and the players playing on the server and it usually looks like the image below.
It can show additional information. Like in which team you are when playing on a teamplayserver or in what alliance you are.

Lower left window and it's buttons

When a name is written in black, it means that that player is not playing.
The players can have a letter before their names.

This window also shows how many points each player has. The white line beneath Tanx means he is (currently) the best player. Depending on the playmode it can also display additional information. It also has some buttons, which can be seen in this picture. The buttons in the lower left window:

Error, corrupted file
Error, id 002 does not exist