Xpilot : Newbieguide  : Remapping your keys

If the current keysettings give you a cramp you can change them by editing your xpilot.ini.

You can find a lot of lines like :

keyFireTorpedo=  apostrophe
keyTractorBeam=  comma
keyPressorBeam=  period
keyFireLaser=  slash
keyLoadModifiers1=  1
And a lot more of those. All you need to do is find the key you want to change and fill in the appropriate value. You can also bind more keys to a single action by separating the keys with a space.
keyThrust=  Shift_L Shift_R

Clicking here will open a large list of all the options you can give xpilot.
These options can all be entered in your xpilot.ini in a slightly modified format.

Example for keyIncreasePower :
-keyIncreasePower <value>
    Increase engine power.
    The default key is: KP_Multiply.
This can then be entered in your .xpilotrc like
keyIncreasePower=    KP_Multiply
Some keyvalues must be typed like a word. For example Shift_L must be used for the left Shift-key. These codes came from the Unix-version of the game. The only way to look them up is to copy them from other parts of your xpilot.ini.

If you prefer mouse to play you can assign actions to your mousebuttons too.
The lines needed for that are :

pointerButton1= keyFireShot keyFireLaser
pointerButton2= keyThrust
pointerButton3= keyConnector
The actions you can assign are in the same format as they appear in your xpilot.ini at the keybindingprocess.

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