Xpilot : Newbieguide : Talking

Talking is the best way to learn more about XPilot, since most players you will see out there have more experience than an absolute newbie.

You will now be presented with a textbox where you can type your text.
When done typing, press <ENTER> and the message will be sent to everybody.

It is also possible to speak to one player directly. Other players will not see this message.
Just like in the IRC-channels this is called whispering.
This is done by typing the first unique letters of the player to whom you want to whisper, followed by a colon, : , and then the actual message.
You can also whisper to a team by typing the teamnumber followed by a colon, :.


Whispering to Neuron
This will whisper the message, "Stupid bot", to Sniper.
It's also possible to leave messages for the serverowner this way. That is if he configured the server to keep a logfile. Just whisper a message to god and it will be logged.
god:You're my hero

Error, corrupted file
Error, id 005 does not exist