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The standard shipshapes are divided in 8 pages, because there are so many of them. Since the shipshapefile was made (years ago), the soucecode of Xpilot has changed. Some shapes aren't allowed anymore, because some new rules have been added to disallow bug-exploiting ships.

Some players really enjoy making more shipshapes, look at the bottom of this page for Jethro's shipshapefile. (updated at 13-02-2002).

Anyway, here are all those pictures, sorted in the way they appear in the standard shipshapefile from the XPilot-FTP.

Andy - Diamond
Disco - Kill4Peace1
Klingon - SpaceGuppy
Spiculum - Warbird
Warbird - cannon
dart - manta
mig29 - t3
tank - Sixteenth
For the Windowsplayers this page is quite useless, since all the pictures can be viewed in XPwho. Clicking on a shipshape will let you fly with it.

Unix is a bit more difficult. They don't have a fancy program like XPwho. That's why I made this page, for the Unixplayers to see what the ships look like.

To use one of these shipshapes in Unix you have to edit your .xpilotrc. You can find that file in your homedirectory as a hidden file. When you have opened it in a texteditor, you need to find (or add if not present) these two lines

xpilot.shipShapeFile:    <location of shipshapes>
xpilot.shipShape:    <shipname>
You have to change <location of shipshapes> to the location of the shipshapesfile, which you must download from ftp.xpilot.org (rightclick and select "Save link as..."). <shipname> should be substituted by the name of the ship you want. This is the text beneath all the pictures on the shipshapepages. The shipnames are casesensitive!


I've been browsing the shipshapespages and I found a nice shipshape

My homedirectory is /home/users/jarno and I've just downloaded the shipshapesfile to my xpilot-directory.
I open the .xpilotrc in my homedirectory and add these two lines

xpilot.shipShapeFile:    /home/users/jarno/xpilot/shipshapes
xpilot.shipShape:    StubbyGlider
I save my .xpilotrc and I just start XPilot.
Goodie, I have a shipshape!
As I mentioned above, not all the shipshapes of the shipshapesfile work. Xpilot will output an error if your shipshapes is invalid. You can try to fix it by opening the shipshape in a shipshape-editor, like mine and move some points around until the shipshapecheck says it's ok.

If you want to use my shipshape-editor you must open the shipshapesfile and find the broken ship. Copy the entire line into the "Load Ship"-field and press Load. Now press the "Check Shipshape" button, the one that looks like a magnifying glass, and it will (hopefully) tell you what's wrong. Correct the error and press the savebutton. Copy the line and replace the old line in the shipshapesfile with this new line. It should work now.

Some players really enjoy making more shipshapes. Jethro (aka Jethro aka AcEr) is on of them. He made over 300 of them. You can download them for Unix Unix or Windows Windows. It's the same file, but the Unix-one is gzipped and the Windows-one is just zipped. The last update was on 13-02-2002.

For Windowsusers to use them, they must edit their xpilot.ini. Just find this line

And change it to point to Jethro's shipshapefile.

Unixusers should just use the explanation above for the default shipshapes.

It's also possible to merge the two shipshapefiles to one big shipshapefile.
Open the first shipshapesfile in a texteditor and paste the second shipshapefile behind it. Save it and you are done.

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