Xpilot : Patches

Here are all my homemade patches for you to download. They are all based on 4.5.3. Together they form the 4.5.3J server, which I frequently use.

Ignorepatch (client)

This patch allows you to ignore players. It can completely block them or just allow the words "ball" and "safe" to pass. Playernames will be passed too if the word "ball" occurs in the message. For info on how to use, just type \help in your client.
Mutepatch (server)
This patch allows you to mute annoying players. Players are not allowed to speak at all anymore. This patch adds an extra command, /mute. You use it by typing /mute <playername>. The server will say that you forbid that player to talk. You can allow a muted player to talk again by invoking /mute on him again.
Trashing laser (server)
This patch creates an extra lasermodifier, LT. LT stands for trashing laser. If a player gets hit by a LT-laser, his ship will crumble. The points that make up a ship will shift by at most 2 pixels. That's not much, but the damage is permanent. Not even death can undo it. This patch may still change.
Enhanced /team (server)
This patch enhanced the /team command. After this patch has been applied one can use /team without any argument. Just typing /team will swap the player to the next available team.
Enhanced serveroutput (server)
This patch will let the server output more info on what is happening on the server. It documents the called servercommands too. You can now see if someone has typed the wrong password, became an operator, who kicked who, etc.
/shutdown command (server)
This patch adds /shutdown to the servercommands. It shuts down the server, but only if you are the actual owner of the server. Being an operator is not enough.
Ownerlist (server)
This patch adds a new serveroption called ownerListFileName or ownerList for short. It should point to a file containing a list of owners. If you put your nick, user@host and IPrange in it, the server will automatically recognize you as an owner and immediately make you operator as well.
xp2gif (contrib)
This isn't really a patch, but it's still a hunk of code. When compiled it can make a GIF-image of an xpilotmap. It's the program I wrote for my mapsection.
The grand 4.5.3J-server
The server as I occasionally run it. It includes all of the above except xp2gif, but with ranking.

To apply these patches, simply cd to the xpilot-4.5.3 directory and type

patch -p1 < patch.diff
patch.diff should be replaced with the patch you have just downloaded.

A small tip if you use Microsoft Visual C++ to compile Xpilot for Windows :

Go immediatly to www.cygwin.com Windows to download the Cygwin bashshell. This program simulates a bashshell like you would have on Unix. You can use it to make your own diff's or apply mine to the sourcecode with the patchcommand.

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