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Welcome to the goodies-section. These are the ONLY Xpilot-goodies I have ever seen (in about 4 years). I made three Xpilot-goodies, Xpilot - The Movie, Xpilot - The WinAmpSkin and Xpilot - The Bootsceen.
You are (very) welcome to donate Xpilot-goodies, just mail them too me and I will place them here with your name and a link to your homepage.

Goodie Description Creator Download
Xpilot - The Movie Xpilot - The Movie
I have broken several copyright-laws to make this movie, so you better like it!
You will see a lot of video-clips from the game with backgroundmusic.
J-a-r-n-o Avi-version (6.84 Mb) Windows
Mpeg-version (7.89 Mb) Unix
Click here to enlarge Xpilot - The WinAmpSkin
Weeeeee, the very first Xpilot-Skin. This is a FULL skin, so you have matching Equalizer and Playlisteditor. This skin also works with xmms (XMultiMediaSystem).
Click on image to enlarge.
J-a-r-n-o XpilotSkin (27.2 kb) Windows Unix
Xpilot - The GTK+ widget set Xpilot - The GTK+ widget set
This one makes your computer look all Xpilot. A must for all the heavily addicted.
That means you! :-)
xpilotGTK (0.8 kb) Unix
Click here to enlarge Xpilot - The bootscreen
This replaces the default Windows bootscreen by an Xpiloty one. The thrust coming from the ships is animated.
Click on image to enlarge.
J-a-r-n-o Xpilot Bootscreen (3.6 kb) Windows

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