Xpilot : Other patches

These patches have been around for a while. All I have done with them is made them up-to-date with 4.5.3, the latest version of XPilot.

Rankingpatch (server)

The well-known patch that lets the server remember the scores of players when they log out. Along with some statistics of the ballruns. All outputted in a nice HTML file for your rankingpage on Internet.
I have a precompiled binary for Windows too. XPilotServer-rank Windows

Racingpatch (server)

An old patch, which is intended for racemaps only. It keeps track of a player's best lap and with every checkpoint it displays the elapsed time.
Other players make patches too, here are some links to their pages.

To apply these patches, simply cd to the xpilot-4.5.3 directory and type

patch -p1 < patch.diff
patch.diff should be replaced with the patch you have just downloaded.

A small tip if you use Microsoft Visual C++ to compile Xpilot for Windows :

Go immediatly to www.cygwin.com to download the Cygwin bashshell. This program simulates a bashshell like you would have on Unix. You can use it to make your own diff's or apply mine to the sourcecode with the patchcommand.

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