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N means that the map is a normal map.
T means that the map is a teamplaymap.
R means that the map is a racingmap.

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(Blood's Music) Race map    R by edited
(Blood's Music) Race map This is just a kind of race map of bloods
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 29 Jun 2001

2fort KICK ASS STUFF FROM THE MASTA MAKER. 1/2 derived from half-life multiplayer map 2fort.
150 x 50 6 + 6 bases 3 lives 29 Nov 2001

4-Team Planet    T by Zemyla
4-Team Planet This map has four teams.  It is somewhat like Worm Mountain, as you have to go to the enemy's base and drop his treasures down your chute.
199 x 199 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 bases Unlimited lives 07 Sep 2001

The Chatroom    N by AcnotKid
The Chatroom It has come to my attention that some pilots, who shall remain namless, have been using the teamplay maps for chating. This map is for those pilots to go to instead of the teamplay maps. It seats 38
100 x 100 38 bases Unlimited lives 18 Mar 2006

Circuit    R by Nico
205 x 205 32 bases 4 lives 12 Feb 2011

Dog-Fighter Assault Arena    N by Areo-Fighter & Acer
Dog-Fighter Assault Arena My new map Still needs a little agustments but its fun to play against other players :)

250 x 300 83 bases Unlimited lives 17 Jul 2001

Fracture    T by Chris King
Fracture This is a four team map with targets buried in
the "planet" and treasures on the edge. Nasty
cannons guard entrances to the planet that aren't
guarded by home bases.
256 x 256 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 bases Unlimited lives 25 Nov 2001

CAREFUL!    N by Sir Leo **
CAREFUL! even though it looks hard, it didn't take long to
make this map.
add as many bases as u want
it was made with xp-mapedit.
enjoy, more maps will be coming soon!

100 x 100 2 bases Unlimited lives 30 Jun 2001

Death Map 2002 (Sage's Map)    N by Lance(UnknownWarrior)
Death Map 2002 (Sage's Map) his is a hard map that is if you get caught in the MAze.
it took me a long time to make this map.
find me and tell me your suggestions or problems

This map is an update.
200 x 200 37 bases Unlimited lives 23 Jul 2001

Mario Land 8    T by Mystic (aka. UnknownWarriors)
Mario Land 8 Thsi is my favorite ball MAP!
200 x 200 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 17 Jul 2001

Newbie Paradise    T by Silly Willy
Newbie Paradise Robots join teams with humans - this provides an ideal environment for newbies to learn team play.
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases Unlimited lives 16 Dec 2001

Ricochet!     N by SARCASMOS
Ricochet! Here, mines and missiles (torpedos only) bounce off of walls.  MinMineSpeed is set, so NO MINE LAYING. MineLife is also set so bombs don't last very long.  There are three item concentrators, get your mines and missiles from them.  Use clusters for mines and X4 for missiles.  Have Fun!!
100 x 100 8 bases Unlimited lives 19 Nov 2001

Synapse    N by Duncan Rowland (dr@st-and.ac.uk)
Synapse As requested, the classic Synapse map by Duncan Rowland.
150 x 150 12 bases Unlimited lives 05 Jan 2002

Crazy Town    T by Areo-Fighter (aka. UnknownWarriors)
Crazy Town This is a Tough map if you find the secret!
45 x 50 4 + 22 + 22 bases 5 lives 17 Jul 2001

<New Map>    N by Sir Leo
<New Map> yep, I made this one too
it has no real map name, call it what u like
I don't care, and Im not that creative
this was made kinda for the Linux users
for all those Win users, im working on a map for u
100 x 100 5 bases Unlimited lives 29 Jun 2001

The Protecters    N by Aero-Fighter
The Protecters My Babe Map i luv to draw so i decided to make one of my draeing into an Xpilot map
300 x 300 13 bases 3 lives 17 Jul 2001

Watch that corner!    R by Sir Leo
Watch that corner! kinda just a sharp corner kinda deal
racing map, made it in my spare time.
oh, I also made the Racing Blood's map
100 x 100 3 bases Unlimited lives 29 Jun 2001

Worm Mountain    T by Duncan Rowland <dr@st-and.ac.uk>
Worm Mountain A classic from way back.  Cluster mines and
limited shields.  Go past the enemy base, blow up
the targets protecting their treasures, and throw
the balls down the chute opposite.
200 x 200 7 + 7 bases 0 lives 27 Nov 2001

Active Volcano    T by Zemyla
Active Volcano This is like my regular Volcano map, except that the crater now has been taken up by asteroid concentrators (need 4.5.0 or better) that shoot asteroids into the air.  You get items by blasting asteroids open (need 4.4.2 or better).  Getting a ball to the other side is interesting, because if it hits an asteroid, it is destroyed; your best bet is to use phasing or hyperjumps.

As you may have noticed, this is a rather new-fangled map :-).
200 x 100 5 + 5 bases 3 lives 17 Oct 2001

Amphibious Race    R by Zemyla
Amphibious Race This is a race map.  Half the checkpoints are at the bottom of the "pool" (made of block friction), so you must "swim" to get them.
200 x 75 6 bases Unlimited lives 12 Sep 2001

Antipodal Forts    T by Will112358
Antipodal Forts There are two target forts at the antipodes of the circle in the middle. The goal is to break into the opposing fort and release the ball (situated beneath the fort) so that it goes into the wormhole near the center and into your treasure box. (updated 2002.01.12)
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 12 Jan 2002

ARENA    T by ME, a.k.a Sir Leo
ARENA sorry its not centered
one of my first maps, just basicaly a figting map

75 x 75 19 + 1 + 1 + 1 bases 3 lives 29 Jun 2001

sfdsfdg    N by krys
sfdsfdg It's crazy map with three balls :)
100 x 100 0 bases Unlimited lives 20 Oct 2007

Assault    T by K
Assault A team based assault attack. The objective is to slaughter all of your opponents before they do! Take control of your opponent and the middle items base for extra firepower to mow your enemies down! Chaos ensues.
100 x 100 18 + 18 bases 4 lives 10 Aug 2005

babe2    T by DarkLengency
babe2 Map some one gave me
144 x 212 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 bases Unlimited lives 17 Jul 2001

Atomic ball    T by TheLordOfTheWinds
Atomic ball Its a ball map,  2 teams, suggestions open,  you can
download and modify it if you like.  All the players who tested it
kept quit,  or said it was cool,  but the server was
too laggy.  My first map!
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases 5 lives 17 Jul 2002

Ballrunning with Asteroids    T by Zemyla
Ballrunning with Asteroids In this map, you have an empty treasure; up to 7 competitors; and up to 24 robots.  You have to take all of the treasures from the robots before your competitors do.  You can be sure that the robots will resist with all of their might.

Oh, you also have to dodge asteroids, as well.
200 x 99 24 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 bases Unlimited lives 14 Sep 2001

BarrierBall    T by Will112358
BarrierBall There are two target barriers with embedded cannons in the middle. There are also chevron-shaped walls to protect the bases, but be careful: they're reflective, so your shots can be turned back parallel to their original course. The area between the target barriers is labeled "no man's land", because that's the only place both teams can get to without blowing up targets.
74 x 48 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 05 Jul 2001

Basketball Court    T by Zemyla
Basketball Court This is a replica of a basketball court.  You grab the ball from the center and put it into your "hoop".  You get 2 points for doing so.
96 x 68 2 + 5 + 5 bases Unlimited lives 12 Sep 2001

Block-Jumping    R by Zemyla
Block-Jumping There are 25 checkpoints, one in each block.  To get to the next checkpoint, you have to jump into a wormhole and hope you end up at the right place.
40 x 40 25 bases Unlimited lives 06 Sep 2001

The Caves    N by Brent Fleet-Lambert
The Caves Another UK classic.  Items, robots.  Fast dogfighting.  Try to kill the player with the most
powerups, and steal them off him!
200 x 200 12 bases Unlimited lives 27 Nov 2001

The Chambers of Death    N by AcnotAlpha
The Chambers of Death This map is a fighting map I made that has some item collectors and cannons. The cannons use items, just like on my Warp Accelerator V4. There are only six cannons, but you've got to watch out for the others.  
100 x 100 12 bases Unlimited lives 09 Apr 2006

Click-click WHAAZZZZUUUPPP?!!??!hey y'all get ready for another hit em up map from the drunk. dark hell ish, cant figure out how to get items,though :)
100 x 100 32 bases Unlimited lives 06 Oct 2001

Cracks    R by Will112358
Cracks In this map, shots are massive and fire backward, so you need to adjust your shipshape to have the guns in the rear, so you don't shoot yourself. Since the shots are so massive and you start out with one wide, very high speeds can be attained. Along the bottom rung of the route, there are targets that your shots/exhaust hit and blow up occasionally.
200 x 200 5 bases Unlimited lives 05 Jul 2001

--->The Smallest 12-player, 4-team map! (with tresures)<----    T by Drunken Russian
--->The Smallest 12-player, 4-team map! (with tresures)<---- yeah, its fun. yeah, it gets boring fast. yeah, who cares?
7 x 7 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 bases 3 lives 06 Oct 2001

Crosscountry racing    R by J-a-r-n-o
Crosscountry racing A racingmap with all the checkpoint spread out over the map. This means that you don't have to follow a route, but you actually have to navigate. It takes a few laps to figure out the best route and then you find a better one.
128 x 64 15 bases 3 lives 16 Jun 2001

Cythrean Facility    T by Zemyla
Cythrean Facility In this map, the shots fly out fast, and you have armor.  You must capture the opponents' balls before they deplete your armor.
200 x 60 10 + 10 bases Unlimited lives 22 Jan 2002

Blood's Music II Modified    T by Blood, TIMID, DR.DEATH. Modified by Darlanio
Blood's Music II Modified Altered Blood's Music II with 4 teams (16 bases), with 4 robots in team 2. The map is a bit cramped, and suggestions and modifications are welcome.
100 x 100 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 07 Oct 2001

Downhill Race    R by Zemyla
Downhill Race This map is like a ski race.  The gravity is high so you have to stay close to the ground.  And watch out for the pit.
150 x 150 10 bases 5 lives 24 Oct 2001

Drunken Special    T by Drunken Russian
Drunken Special just a kick-ass map. thats all. SO PLAY IT!
50 x 50 5 + 5 bases 4 lives 06 Oct 2001

Drunken's Redemption    T by D.R.
Drunken's Redemption 2 of each team fight it out to death. not really fair unless 5 on 5.
100 x 100 5 + 5 bases 5 lives 06 Oct 2001

Drunken's RPG    N by Russian Baller
Drunken's RPG just a good old role-playin-game wannabe. take car of her. :)
200 x 200 69 bases Unlimited lives 06 Oct 2001

The fast one    N by J-a-r-n-o
The fast one My first attempt at mapmaking. I just wanted to go really really really really really really fast. The central tube there has gravityfields which will push you forward. Then I added some other mapelements to fill up the map. It makes the map less boring. I was still a newbie when I made this map, so the cannons just shoot straight. It was easier for me to take off from my base like that.
200 x 200 13 bases Unlimited lives 16 Jun 2001

Fireball    N by Olaf Brandt
200 x 200 15 bases Unlimited lives 19 Jan 2004

Xpilot Ball Map 2342   Xpg (Xpilot Pro Games)    T by Aero-Fighter
Xpilot Ball Map 2342   Xpg (Xpilot Pro Games) This wuz going to be a Capture the case game w/ 3 balls w/ to of the treasures empty but i found a but in the mapedit so i change the map this map has many cornners so there are many posablitys to get a perfect ball run
200 x 250 8 + 8 bases 3 lives 23 Jul 2001

Capture the flag    T by Aero-Fighter
Capture the flag notong to it but u have two treasure and get the
other teams treasure to urs while protecting your own ball

200 x 250 8 + 8 bases 3 lives 29 Jul 2001

Flow Control    T by Zemyla
Flow Control This map is quite complex.  There are one-way gravity valves, and you need to go through the proper sequence to get to the enemy base.
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 31 Oct 2001

Gang Wars    T by Russian Baller
Gang Wars almost my favorite. brings a new meaning of "get off my block" to xpilot
120 x 100 18 + 5 + 5 bases 3 lives 06 Oct 2001

Gladiators    T by Will112358
Gladiators There is an arena in the middle for the gladiators to fight with their shot-whips (slow, short range shots) and lasers. It is a no man's land in the sense of BarrierBall. There is a ball at each corner. You have to go through the arena (and your opponent) to get your opponents' balls (unless you cheat and use a phase).
50 x 50 4 + 4 bases Unlimited lives 05 Jul 2001

>-< Worthless Attemp >-<    N by DRUNKEN RUSSIAN
>-< Worthless Attemp >-< i dunno what this is, but its mine :)
200 x 200 25 bases Unlimited lives 06 Oct 2001

Heatseeker Madness    N by Zemyla
Heatseeker Madness In this map, your main weapon is the heatseeker.  You start with missiles (which you can use as heatseekers or as torpedos, but NOT as smart missiles) to kill your enemies with.  But watch out, because those same heatseekers can come back and kill you too!

You also have tanks and ECMs to avert incoming heatseekers.

I made this map under the firm belief that smart missiles are for wusses (even though I use them sometimes :)
200 x 200 34 bases Unlimited lives 03 Oct 2001

Jarno's Map    N by Who Cares?
Jarno's Map I prefer to Remain Anonymous as to who I am.
This is just a tribute for all that Jarno has done for ALLLL those newbies
50 x 50 2 bases Unlimited lives 19 Jul 2001

Joust    N by Nathan McCoy
Joust This is essentially a remake of Joust, complete with lava. You can't shoot: you have to earn points by ramming people into walls. It's really a lot of fun, and isn't too difficult for beginners.
60 x 50 20 bases 5 lives 03 Nov 2002

***&$& Justa Map &$&***    N by Drunken Russian
***&$& Justa Map &$&*** yeah, title sez it all...
100 x 100 32 bases 3 lives 06 Oct 2001

Slaughter 3    T by ???  mods by Keith Maniac
Slaughter 3 A modified version of an old old map from the archive.
110 x 110 4 + 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 07 Oct 2001

Azeroth (knights Only)    N by Sir Striker & The Queen
Azeroth (knights Only) Thsi map is for Knights ONLY!!!
You have to be a Knight to Play it!!
200 x 250 29 bases Unlimited lives 17 Jul 2001

Lameola    T by Russian Baller
Lameola never tested, so whatch out :)
200 x 200 5 + 5 bases 3 lives 06 Oct 2001

LaSeR BaTtLe BaLL     T by someone
LaSeR BaTtLe BaLL old map
100 x 100 6 + 6 bases 3 lives 09 Mar 2002

Pouncing Lion    N by Sir Shrike **
Pouncing Lion this is an updated version of Careful... couldn't remember the password for the other one.
enjoy... more will be coming....and J, u better get that comment unit working fast! :D
100 x 100 5 bases Unlimited lives 21 Jan 2002

Mella!    N by Penguin
Mella! Not classic and barely fair (just don't wind up in the corner)
The ultimate free-for-all
try experimenting eith shot bounce, armor, wideangle...

100 x 100 9 bases 3 lives 21 Jul 2001

Misc Ellements Inclosed    N by AcnotKid
Misc Ellements Inclosed Fast fire rate, and limited bullets make for a machine gun effect. There are no shields. A few asteroids are contained in a carral. This map has a number of traps and hidden rewards.

100 x 100 8 bases Unlimited lives 15 Jul 2006

*NDH EXTREME*    N by Xagor(Jethro)
*NDH EXTREME* The next generation in NDH gaming. Consists of 6 ballz for attacking your enemies. Score bonuses for Ballz,tanks,torpedoes,and lasers.This map take the ultimate skill for your NDH dogfighting.
200 x 200 18 bases Unlimited lives 03 Oct 2002

New Dark Hell Teams    T by SIR SPOOTY
New Dark Hell Teams Made with the latest version of xp-mapedit new dark hell is now improved by makeing it teams
Stay tooned for more updates of this map
200 x 200 1 + 7 + 8 bases Unlimited lives 10 Jul 2001

Nuclear Power Plant II    N by Zemyla
Nuclear Power Plant II This is my second iteration of "Nuclear Power Plant".  It is a dogfighter's heaven, as you zip through the dangerously radioactive tubes and eventually get to the main reactor.
100 x 100 8 bases Unlimited lives 12 Sep 2001

New Dark Hell    N by PeaceMaker
New Dark Hell aweosme map

200 x 200 16 bases Unlimited lives 19 Apr 2004

Old ball    T by J-a-r-n-o
Old ball A teamplaymap for two four-player teams and one ball for each team. The treasurebox is behind a small gravityfield, which makes it a bit harder to grab the ball. You need to bounce against the wall to get enough momentum to get the ball clear from the box. I occasionally run it on a rankingserver at my university.
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases 4 lives 16 Jun 2001

PathBall    T by Will112358
PathBall This is one of my first maps. There are four teams, each encased in its own target shelter. There are gravity paths between diagonal teams which speed you up for the first half, and slow you down for the second, so they work in both directions to shorten your journey. The difficuly lies in keeping the targets open, keeping control where the paths intersect, and managing to hit your own ballbox.
102 x 102 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 05 Jul 2001

Pigeonholes of Killer Balls    N by garri
Pigeonholes of Killer Balls Labyrinth map where players can't shot.

The most recompensed ways for kill are throwing balls against enemies and shoving ships against treasures, pushing them or using tractor beams and implode mines.
81 x 81 8 bases Unlimited lives 27 Apr 2002

Pool Table    N by Zemyla
Pool Table To win in this map, you have to shove your foes into the pockets, where they will quickly die.
21 x 40 16 bases Unlimited lives 06 Sep 2001

Regular Creativity    T by Russian Baller as given to Zemyla
Regular Creativity This map is a basic team map.  The team members come shooting out of their bases into the deflector at the top.
100 x 100 5 + 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 17 Oct 2001

Robot Hell    T by Zemyla
Robot Hell The robots and their cannons are at the bottom.  You are at the top.  Can you win?
100 x 100 34 + 4 + 4 bases 5 lives 11 Dec 2001

Sarcastic Chaos    T by SARCASMOS
Sarcastic Chaos New team map
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 28 Nov 2001

Shards (shielded < unshielded)    N by Zemyla
Shards (shielded < unshielded) This map is somewhat like a demented "Random Land".  The main thing to watch is the fact that you are more likely to die from a wallcrash with your shields up than with your shields down.
100 x 100 8 bases Unlimited lives 28 Sep 2001

Skyscraper    T by Zemyla
Skyscraper This map has high gravity, so the only way you can get from one place to another effectively is by climbing the ladders.  Each team has a side of the building.
99 x 70 4 + 4 bases Unlimited lives 12 Sep 2001

Slalom    R by Zemyla
Slalom You rush downhill, passing through the gates (and trying not to run into them).  That's all there is to it!
200 x 50 12 bases 4 lives 12 Sep 2001

Circles another success....
300 x 300 24 bases Unlimited lives 06 Oct 2001

Spider Web    T by Zemyla
Spider Web This map is somewhat like LARDBOTTOM's Vat of Lard.  The person in the center is the spider, and the other four teams are the flies.  The flies have to go into the spider's parlor, grab the treasure, and take it back to their nest without getting stuck in the web.
99 x 99 1 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 bases Unlimited lives 28 Sep 2001

Stainless v0.8    T by Keith Maniac
Stainless v0.8 A 2-team tournament map with extremely straight walls.
No direct ball runs, so turning is crucial.
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases 3 lives 07 Oct 2001

Starship Race    R by Zemyla
Starship Race This was loosely inspired by the Star Trek book "Starship Race".  It uses every dirty trick in the book to keep you from the checkpoints.
200 x 200 12 bases Unlimited lives 12 Sep 2001

Suicide    N by Zemyla
Suicide In this map, the object of the game is to suicide on your opponents.  The only weapon you have is yourself and your wreckage.
100 x 100 12 bases Unlimited lives 10 Oct 2001

Suicide II    N by Zemyla
Suicide II This map looks like Suicide I, and the end is the same (kill by dying).  But the means is completely different.  You gather cluster mines and then ram into a wall.  The resulting explosion should take out a lot of your enemies.
100 x 100 12 bases Unlimited lives 11 Oct 2001

Suicider's Music    T by Patrick Kenny, mods by Zemyla
Suicider's Music This has the same premise as Suicide II, but it is a team map.
100 x 100 4 + 4 bases 5 lives 19 Oct 2001

Sumo Wrestling    T by Zemyla
Sumo Wrestling Like a sumo wrestler, you must shove your opponent out of the ring.  This is a team map, so have your teammates assist you!
50 x 50 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 bases Unlimited lives 12 Sep 2001

Swamp Race    R by Zemyla
Swamp Race In this map, you must fly through the marsh, staying away from the swampy areas (they slow you down) and trying not to hit the mangroves.  You have 5 stun lasers and 2 tractor beams to slow down competitors.
150 x 150 10 bases 5 lives 30 Jan 2002

Sym    T by KAT
Sym A completely symmetrical map (if I didn't make a mistake). Features wormholes and friction blocks.
There are seperate stores which contain item concentrators. However, it takes time to get to the items and in the meantime someone might steal your ball.  So always watch your ball!

99 x 99 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 bases 3 lives 03 Apr 2011

Tanks A Lot!    N by Zemyla
Tanks A Lot! In this map, the major weapons are tanks (to smash your enemies), mines (to stop the tanks), and stun lasers (also to stop the tanks).
100 x 100 12 bases Unlimited lives 06 Sep 2001

The Team Globe    T by Bjørn Stabell (MODS BY DRUNKEN RUSSIAN)
The Team Globe team globe, kinda explains it all.i think this one is mine, but im not sure
170 x 170 6 + 5 bases 4 lives 06 Oct 2001

Volcano    T by Zemyla
Volcano This is a three-team map, with one of the teams belonging to the robots.  There are two routes:  over the crater or under it.
200 x 100 5 + 5 + 5 bases 3 lives 06 Sep 2001

The Warp Acclerator V4    N by AcnotAlpha
The Warp Acclerator V4 This is a Warp Tunnel that I made. It is revision 4 and there is a long tunnel with currents pointing one way and a few bases at the mouth of the Warp Tunnel. You cannot kill anybody, except if you slam them into a wall or cannon. Be warned, the cannons do use items! If you shoot them, they will give you the items if you pick them up.
200 x 100 7 bases Unlimited lives 09 Apr 2006

Warp 17 racing    R by J-a-r-n-o
Warp 17 racing A fast racemap. 5 afterburners and just 500 fuel.
The decorwalls warn you of a upcoming wall. It's very hard to complete the 10 laps at high speed.
100 x 200 8 bases 0 lives 16 Jun 2001

Warring Planets    T by Zemyla
Warring Planets This is a four-team map, with each team owning a planet and a moon.  The moon is really just a gateway for the enemy to throw balls from your base to his treasure.
299 x 299 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 bases 5 lives 13 Sep 2001

Buggy Shit yeah!
50 x 50 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 bases 3 lives 06 Oct 2001

Wild Wild West    T by Austin aka Molotov
Wild Wild West Frantic multiplayer fun: 2 balls, shootout
over the central barrier, steal the enemys ball
and bring it back.  Small and fast.
60 x 60 5 + 5 bases 3 lives 27 Nov 2001

KRUMPIR    N by Krystof@Mara
KRUMPIR This is level, in which isn't easy leak behind the wall.
100 x 100 5 bases Unlimited lives 20 Oct 2007

Drunken's 2nd RPG    N by Russian Baller
Drunken's 2nd RPG not worth downloading, but i made some.... umm.... corrections.. i guess you could call it that
200 x 200 67 bases Unlimited lives 06 Oct 2001


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