My nick is 'J-a-r-n-o' (how original) and I usually play everywhere
Jarno Xpilot and me Jarno

Welcome to the Xpilot-section of my homepage.
And the largest XPilot-website around.

What's up with the meta and Why shouldn't you use servers from before 4.5.1?
Here's why.

The latest version of XPilot is 4.5.4. You can download it from the XPilot-FTP for both Unix and Windows.

If you have no idea what this Xpilot-thingy is then go to the newbieguide below.
I am not in any way responsible for any damage caused by acute addiction to Xpilot. This includes extreme loss of time, lack of sleep, huge phonebills(in case of modem), etc.. Be warned!

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The vote for your favorite map is over. (closed May 21)
You can still view the results.

The newbieguide Serveroptions Tips & Tricks
The Newbieguide Serveroptions Xpilot tips & tricks
All you need to know to play XPilot. From how to steer to cashing in balls. Comments can easily be entered by anyone with the click of a button. Since Xpilot version 4.5.4 there are 286 serveroptions. I listed them all in this huge list. I have a description on every serveroption and their syntaxis. It's basically xpilots -help, but with extra comments on the unclear parts and a better overview All the not-overobvious things I learned in XPilot.

Meta interface ShipShapeEditor
Metaserver Interface My shipshape-editor
You can register your nick here. I made forms to add or remove your nick from the xpilot metaserver. And a page where all the registered nicks are shown. Finally windowsplayers can register their nick too. This is a Java-applet so you don't have to download and install it. You can work with it immediately. The way this applet loads or saves your shipshape may seem odd, but applets usually can't write to your harddisk. Anyway, this works too.
ShipShapes Tractorbeam
All the other shipshapes Xpilot links
At www.xpilot.org you can find a file called shipshapes (rightclick and select "save link as..."). This file contains a lot of pre-fab shipshapes for you to use. I made gif-pictures of all these shipshapes, so you can find the one you like.
Warpacer sent me a lot of other shipshapes too.
All there necessary links can be found here (or added).

Map Goodies
Homemade maps Xpilot goodies
This is where I keep all the maps. Everybody can add their own maps here using a nice form I made. I already uploaded my own maps, so follow my lead. :-)
Occasionally I run the "Old Ball"-map on a rankingserver at my university. Those ranks can be found here.
Here I am collecting Xpilot goodies. I already have four goodies. Three from myself, the movie, the WinAmp-skin and the WinBootscreen, and one from Sri Synadasti, the GTK-widgetset.

Untrue stories
Xpilot for Palm WAP
Xpilot for the Palm IIIc Xpilot for WAP
Coming very soon, Xpilot for the Palm IIIc. Yes, it's finally coming. Xpilot for WAP-phones. Read it here.

My patches Other patches
My patches Other patches
I've been changing the XPilot sourcecode for my own evil purpuses. You can download them all here. Together they make up the 4.5.3J-server which you can see on the metaserver occasionally Other people also make patches. I have a 4.5.3-ranking patch (and a serverbinary for Windows) and some links to other patches.

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