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Sometimes the official server just isn't enough. You want more!

The rankingpatch is a nice example of this. It remembers the scores of players and keeps statistics about them. These statistics are outputted in a HTML-file. This patch is most commonly used on teamplay-servers, since it keeps a record of treasures too. However it does have difficulties with the names of robots and tanks. It also takes options in a rather odd way.

The patched server can be downloaded here.
The instructions on how to use it are in the README.rank.

You can always hack yourself, making your own hacks & patches.
It's not as hard as it seems, even I can hack about.
You will need Microsoft Visual C++ for that.

When you are using an hacked server, you can change version.h and rename 4.4.0 in 4.4.0something.
Not totally necessary, but it lets people know that this server has been altered.
When I run a server it's usually 4.4.0J, since I made some little hacks , which can all be downloaded here.

To find out if a hack is socially acceptable, a post in rec.games.computer.xpilot or in xpilot-hacks will suffice.
And of course hacks, which gives players an advantage without earning it, will probably not be socially acceptable :-).

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