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This is Tijger(Tiger) This is Tijger on my lap

This is Tijger (tiger). He was the cat of my grandfather. My grandfather is now dead (16-12-97). So now we take care of him. It was a pretty big cat and he died at the age of about 16 years (10-03-99).

When I him brought to my house I had to put him in a laundry basket. Tijger (tiger) didn't really wanted to go in, but with a little persuasion (push very hard), he went in. Unfortunately after scratching me. Then I had to walk home with the basket. Tijger didn't like that either and was meowing very heartbreaking all the way (not too far). Meanwhile all the people were looking very strange at me. At home I put the basket on the ground and opened it. Tijger ran right out and started exploring the house. Carefully watched by the other two cats (Charlie and Doeder). Charlie had a very big tale and was looking very aggressive. Doeder just watched with very big eyes!!!. As a reaction on Charlie Tijger started to meow, making Charlie even more frightened and she ran away. Tijger got used to Charlie and Doeder and the other way around. He eats together with the other cats. But he shouldn't dare come closer to the other cats. Though they eventually got used to eachother.

Tijger is very playfull for such a big cat (or aggressive??). He doesn't react very much on laser light, but he really liked stuffed animals and little balls. He started chasing them like a mad cat. Sometimes during play he got too close to another cat, and got growled away. Sometimes he even attacked you when your petting him. I'm not suprised that he does that to my sister, but ME?!?!?. So if you're petting him you must pay attention, because if you don't you would have a few claws in you hand, but it's a nice cat anyway.

Tijger didn't figure out the cat door at first. Tijger is pretty big and he barely fits through the cat door. Tijger sometimes had to spit a hair ball. He started to cough and got thrown out immediately (already after two days he didn't run back to his old home). When he got rid of the hair ball he had to get back in. He saw the other cats do it, but now he had to go through it. The other cats use their heads to open the cat door, so Tijger tried that too. Tijger is just a little bigger, so he got his head through but not his legs. That didn't work. So we opened the door and let him in. Next time he was thrown out, we kind of forgot about him. Suddenly he just walked into the room. So he must have gone through the cat door. And we didn't know how. Now we do : He first pushed open the cat door with his legs and then came the head. Then the rest of his body, but he had to pull himself in with his front legs.

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