Info : Cats : Doeder
Doeder is sittng (action photo!!)Doeder is laying

This cat is named Doeder, and this name is very well picked (I gave him his name, of course). Because he is very lazy,  very very LAZY. On this photo he is actually sitting, but usually he is laying. Especially on places, where he is the most troublesome, like in the middle of the kitchen.

And strange, but true : He is the hunter of the two (maybe he gets so tired of that). He already caught mice, birds, frogs and even a fish. So sometimes the house is full of feathers. Once there was a bird, scared stiff, under a closet. He was allright, but there were two cats waiting patiently for the bird to come out. We of course got it out and set it free. Doeder didn't seem to notice and was still waiting for the bird to come out. Then he lay down.

Doeder gets totally wild of laser light (I own a laser pen). If he sees a tiny red dot he runs after it like a wild cat (even when he was first laying down). He attacks the dot and when he catches it and has the dot on it's leg he look amazed. Then he tries to eat it. When I point the laser at the wall he would run up the wall if it wasn't for gravity. He stays loyal to the dot, because when I quit playing he still waits half an hour looking against the wall. After that he lays down.

Sometimes when Charlie is just passing by she gets attacked by a laying Doeder. Then they go and play (no, Doeder has been castrated). Charlie can fit in almost all the small spaces in the room. Unlike Doeder. Charlie doesn't fit in everything and sometimes just gets stuck. Doeders tactics during playing are to lay on top of Charlie. Charlie then starts growling (very pissed off). Then it's no longer fun and Charlie runs away angry and Doeder lays down. 

Doeder likes biking!