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Charlie likes to eat cardboard boxesCatfood is also liked

This is Charlie, named after some group called 'Charley Lownoise and Mental Theo.'. And my sister asked me to call Doeder Theo. But Doeder is now called Doeder.

Charlie is allergic to fleas (says the veterinarian) and because of that she has walked through winter with a bear butt. The hair is back now so all is well now. But because Charlie has an allergy, we must spray all the cats with flea poisson. Of course she knows when it is time, because we need newspapers, gloves (no boxing-), and the spray. Then she tries to sneak out and finds out that all the doors are closed. Except for that time, we forgot about the window, which was hardly open. Somehow she managed to get through. But usually we pick her up (big tale). And spray her!. What usually means that someone must hold Charlie very very tight, while someone else must spray a half wild cat AND rub it in, for the full effect. Charlie doesn't really like that. So afterwards (sometimes during) she runs to safety behind the couch and from there she looks very angry at you.

Charlie's favourite spot is on the TV. The TV is located on a cabinet with a small space behind it. It's full of wires for the TV and stereo. In order to climb on top of the TV Charlie must stand on a (open) cabinet door. Then through a jungle of videos, over the pick-up and stuff and finally she reaches the TV. Then she lies down on the TV. She never falls behind the TV , but she comes very close sometimes.

Charlie can't make sounds. The only sounds she makes, is some sort of 'rrrrrr' and the regular purring. In contrast with Doeder, who sometimes makes enough sound for two cats. She is probably taken away to soon from her mother and therefor doesn't know how to make sound. But this has got to be the most silent cat of The Netherlands.

For some reason Charlie likes to eat card-board boxes (picture top left). In those boxes we get canned cat food. She lies in them and starts eating the edges. When she's done the whole kitchen is full of card-board pieces. But she sure likes it

Charlie's favourite spot on top of the TV