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Max asleep (again)Oh my god, GRASS!

This is Max. He is the latest addition to our collection of cats. The other cat, Charlie, attacked him the first time she saw him. The next day she only hissed at him and the day after that Charlie just avoided Max. So they already got used to eachother after only three days. Now Charlie is only avoiding him, but Max is not avoiding Charlie. He is attacking her. Occasionly Charlie hits him back. Serves him right!.

Max too, like Doeder, gets all wild from the little laserdot moving around the room. He almost looks like a remote controlled cat, since you can get him to run everywhere. We found out he could jump REAL high, almost to the doorknob.

When there is no laserdot he just attacks the rest of the house (It doesn't matter if it moves or not). It will attack shoes, books, newspapers, computerscreens (especially the mousecursor), furniture, etc.

His first time outside he attacked the grass, just because it moved (See pic above). He tried that for about an hour before he gave up. Next target was the pond. He found out he couldn't walk on water!. Max is actually a good swimmer. Before I was near the pond he already had climbed out of it. Totally soaked of course, so I made photo (see below) and dried him. He was astonished he couldn't walk on water. Now you know why cats don't like water. He tried it two more times, but he still can't walk on water.

Now he figured out the catdoor, he gets out and back in every ten minutes. Unless of course Charlie is on the other side. Then they both keep hitting the catdoor for a while.

Ah, that was a nice swim