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Sometimes the official server just isn't enough. You want more!

The rankingpatch is a nice example of this. It remembers the scores of players and keeps statistics about them. These statistics are outputted in a HTML-file. This patch is most commonly used on teamplay-servers, since it keeps a record of treasures too. However it does have difficulties with the names of robots and tanks. It also takes options in a rather odd way.

To apply it type
patch -p1 < ranking.diff
When you are in the xpilot-4.4.0 directory.
The instructions on how to use it are in the README.rank after that.

I have also made some patches myself. They are on this part of my website.

You can always hack yourself, making your own hacks & patches.
It's not as hard as it seems, even I can hack about.

When you are using an hacked server, you can change Local.config and type something for the VERSION_STATUS.
Not totally necessary, but it lets people know that this server has been altered.
When I run a server it's usually 4.4.0J, since I made a little hack that allows operators to mute players.

To find out if a hack is socially acceptable, a post in rec.games.computer.xpilot or in xpilot-hacks will suffice.
And of course hacks, which gives players an advantage without earning it, will probably not be socially acceptable :-).

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