Xpilot : Newbieguide  : Making your own maps

Included with Xpilot is the mapeditor, called xp-mapedit.

On the left you can see all the mapelements, which were handled in chapter "The map". Below that are all the drawingtools. This editor already has a help, so if you get confused by all the buttons, look in there.
The only thing a map MUST have are bases. You can't start play without them.

Below those buttons you can set the width and heigth of your map. If you make your map too large the your server might have trouble running the map smoothly. Now just enter a name for your map in the Name-field and your own name in the Author-field and you are set.

When you press Prefs you can set all the preferences of your map.
Map preferences

Just browse through all the options to see what you can do. If you don't understand an option go to this part of my website where all the options are explained.

Some general combinations of mapsettings :

No more wallcrashes

MaxShieldedWallBounceSpeed:    30000
MaxUnshieldedWallBounceSpeed:    30000
MaxShieldedPlayerWallBounceAngle:    180
MaxUnshieldedPlayerWallBounceAngle:    180

Now you have to try really really hard to crash into a wall.

TeamPlay:    yes

But that's not all. You have to make teambases on your map too. You can do this by holding your mouse inside the mapediting-area and press a number. Xp-mapedit will then draw a teambase there.

Teamplay-maps also use limited lives very often.

LimitedLives:    yes
WorldLives:    57437

Of course 57437 would be quite pointless. Normal numbers of lives are 3, 4, 5. But it is your map, you decide.

Timing:    yes
RaceLaps:    76544

But you have to set a route too. Routes are plotted on the map by letters. You can make a checkpoint by pressing a letter on the keyboard and xp-mapedit will draw a checkpoint at the position of your mouse. A lap is completed when a player returns to checkpoint A again. 76544 laps are a bit much though. The default is 3.

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