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There are more than 200 options that can be given. They can all be found here, all with a little explanation.
Options, which can only be either true or false, use a special syntaxis.

+option    will turn OFF that option.
-option    will turn ON that option.
These are the most important options.

-password <password>

This wil allow you to change options while the server is running. It also allows you to kick out nasty players.
When you are playing on the server all you have to do is "say" (i.e. type it in the messagebox).
/password <password>
The server should then reply that you have operatorstatus.
To find out how all these servercommands work, re-read the chapter called "In-game commands" or just "say"
/help <command>
/help will list all the commands and /help <command> will give a little info about that command.
-passwordFileName <passwordfile>
When you are on a network, where other users can log in to your computer, then your password can be read by them. You can avoid this by specifying the password for the server in a file and then chmod that file to -rw-------.
chmod go= <passwordfile>
There should be only one line in the file called <passwordfile>, this one
password:    pass
This way other users can't read your password.
-fps <number>
-framesPerSecond <number>
This will define the number of frames the server should calculate every second. A low framerate will make things easier for your server and players will require less bandwidth. A high framerate however will make the game smoother. Almost all the servers on the Internet run at 12 or 14 frames per second.

If you want more than 20 frames per second, you have to disable the safety-option. Just add

to the serveroptions.
By default the server will only start calculating frames when a human player join, so the server will stay dorment when nobody is using it. If you turn on idleRun, the server will keep on calculating frames. This means the fuelcells will fuel up and the bots keep playing.
-idleRun    means turn ON idleRun.
+idleRun    means turn OFF idleRun.
By default, the server will try to contact the metaserver to report your server. Other players can then see your address so they can join your server. If you want to have a private game you should turn off the option reportMeta.
-reportMeta    means turn ON reportMeta. Other players can see your server now.
+reportMeta    means turn OFF reportMeta. Other players can't see your server now.
Together with -noQuit, which was mentioned on the previous page, these are the most important options. All the other options can be found here or by typing
xpilots -help | less

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