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The rest of the configuration is done in the .xpilotrc itself, like setting the colors and fonts. This file can be found in your homedirectory. If you can't find it, you are either not looking for HIDDEN files or it hasn't been created yet. To create it, start an XPilot-game, press MENU -> CONFIG, then press PREV and finally press SAVE CONFIGURATION.

To get a listing of all the available options just type

xpilot -help | less
This will display all of the available options.


When one looks under MENU -> PLAYER one can see the user@host combination of all the players. You can change your own user@host combination if you don't want other players to see where you are playing from or what your username is. Of course you can just change it in something funny, like so many other players.

You can set your user@host by adding these two options :

When you start Xpilot it will display jarno@j-a-r-n-o.nl as you user@host combination.
Of course this is just an example, don't really use jarno@j-a-r-n-o.nl, because THAT'S MINE! :-)


You can select how many colors you want to see by adding the option

xpilot.maxColors:    8
to your .xpilotrc.
You can now choose between 8 colors in the configpanel of Xpilot.
The default for the number of colors is 8, but you can also select 4 or 16.

You can also specify which colors you want by adding or editing these lines :

xpilot.color0:    #000000
xpilot.color1:    #ff0000
xpilot.color2:    #00ff00
xpilot.color3:    #0000ff
xpilot.color4:    #A800A8
And so on....
Note however that color0 is always the backgroundcolor in Xpilot and no other objects can have color0.

These colors are given in RGB-values (Red Green Blue-values).
The first two digits represents the amount of red, given in values ranging from 00 to ff.
The second two digits represents the amount of red, given in values ranging from 00 to ff.
The third two digits represents the amount of red, given in values ranging from 00 to ff.

So for example, the colors chosen above.

00 00 00 = black
ff 00 00 = red
00 ff 00 = green
00 00 ff = blue
A8 00 A8 = purple


XPilot also has a nice graphical skin. It will change your client from this to this.
To use it find (or add) these lines in your .xpilotrc

xpilot.colorSwitch:    No
xpilot.texturedObjects:    Yes
Beware though! Two downsides to this.


You can use different fonts in Xpilot by again editing your .xpilotrc.
Find or add these line :

xpilot.gameFont:    -*-times-*-*-*-*-18-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
xpilot.scoreListFont:    -*-fixed-bold-*-*-*-15-*-*-*-c-*-iso8859-1
Check "xpilot -help | less" for all of the fonts and more details.
They are in the same format as all other Unix-applications.

You have two options on being able to select what you what to be used as your display font. You can go and read the relevent sections in the XWindow-User-HOWTO and manually decode what the above actually means....good luck :) Otherwise in a terminal window type "xfontsel" and click away till you find something you like. The font string the program generates is what you want to put in your .xpilotrc file. Hopefully you will find the second technique much easier than the first :)

These are all the more important options.
Again, all other options can be found by typing

xpilot -help | less
for more options and some info about them.

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