Xpilot : Newbieguide  : Remapping your keys

If the current keysettings give you a cramp you can change them by editing your .xpilotrc.

You can find a lot of lines like :

xpilot.keyFireTorpedo:  apostrophe
xpilot.keyTractorBeam:  comma
xpilot.keyPressorBeam:  period
xpilot.keyFireLaser:  slash
xpilot.keyLoadModifiers1:  1
And a lot more of those. All you need to do is find the key you want to change and fill in the appropriate value. You can also bind more keys to a single action by separating the keys with a space.
xpilot.keyThrust:  Shift_L Shift_R

Some keyvalues must be typed like a word. For example Shift_L must be used for the left Shift-key. These values can be found by typing "xev" in you shell. This will start a program, which will react to mouseclicks and keypresses. It will output the word you need to use for that key.

Typing "xpilot -help | less" will display a large list of all the options you can give xpilot.
These options can all be entered in your .xpilotrc in a slightly modified format.

Example for keyIncreasePower :
-keyIncreasePower <value>
    Increase engine power.
    The default key is: KP_Multiply.
This can then be entered in your .xpilotrc like
xpilot.keyIncreasePower:    KP_Multiply
If you prefer mouse to play you can assign actions to your mousebuttons too.
The lines needed for that are :
xpilot.pointerButton1: keyFireShot keyFireLaser
xpilot.pointerButton2: keyThrust
xpilot.pointerButton3: keyConnector
The actions you can assign are in the same format as they appear in your .xpilotrc at the keybindingprocess.