Xpilot : Newbieguide  : The rest of the keys

These are all the somewhat less frequently used keys.
W Use previous fueltank as fuelsource
E Use next fueltank as fuelsource
U Toggle between players real name and their nicks
K Reset all the modifiers
<END> Self-destruct

If you have extra fueltanks, you can pick the tank where you want your fuel from. This way you can use all the fuel in a tank and then jettison it to reduce your shipmass.

Some players use several nicks. When you press U during play, the scorelist will show the real names of players in the form of a user@host combination. See the chapter called "Advanced configuration" to learn how to change your user@host combination.

There are still a bunch of keys on the keypad of your keyboard. They aren't used much either. The keypad keys are all shortcuts for options in MENU->CONFIG except . and 0 and 5.
Keypad keys
/ Decrease engine power.
* Increase engine power.
- Decrease turnspeed.
+ Increase turnspeed.
7 Toggle HUD/radar compass lock.
8 Toggle list of owned items on HUD.
9 Toggle showing of messages.
5 Toggle recording of session.
0 Select an item to drop.
. Drop the selected item.

In the chapter "Basic configuration" you saw how you could tune your turnspeed and enginepower via MENU->CONFIG. You could also have used these keypad keys.

The 7 on your keypad togges your HUD/radar compass lock. It toggles between everything that was explained in chapter "Locking onto other players". By default it is on, so if you press the 7 on your keypad you won't be able to see who you have locked.

Toggling the items on you HUD means that you switch between being able to see what items you have. Your HUD will be less crowded, but you will have to remember what items you had.

The showing of messages means whether or not to show the messages displayed at the bottom of the playingfield. These messages don't contain critical information, but they can be useful.

If you have set a value called xpilot.recordFile in your .xpilotrc you can start/stop recording your game. You can later see the recording with xp-replay, which compiles with xpilot.

If you have an item you don't really want or have too many of, you can drop them. Using the 0 on the keypad to select the unwanted item and the period, . , on the keypad to drop it, allows you to get rid of it.