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You can also automize standard chatcalls.
For example, "Our ball is safe" is "said" if you press F1.

This will reduce the risk of you getting shot while talking or wasting valuable time you could use to kill.
You will need to edit you .xpilotrc for this.

Find this line,

and change it into
xpilot.msg1: Our ball is safe
If you couldn't find the line, just add it.
Now you need to check if F1 is linked to msg1.
Find the line,
xpilot.keySendMsg1:  F1
If you can't find this line, then add it.
Of course it isn't required that message 1 is connected with F1, it may be any other key.

You can make up to 20 messages like this. Just by adding xpilot.msg2, xpilot.msg3, xpilot.msg4, etc. etc.

You can do even more with these talkmacros. There are special charactercombinations!
For example

#ln will be substituted by the name of the player you currently have locked.
#t will be substituted by the number of your team.
You can now make a message like
xpilot.msg2:    #t:#ln has our ball.
If you press F2 in the game, only your own team will hear the message, "J-a-r-n-o has our ball", if you locked on to me, J-a-r-n-o.
These talkmacros are especially useful in teamplay.

There are even more shortcuts like #ln and #t. You can find the explanation for that in the directory where you have installed Xpilot. In the doc-directory to be precise. Or just click here if you don't want to open a textviewer.

Added comments

What if u can't get it to work, and all the aforesaid things are there?
    By D

Then you should upgrade your client. Talkmacros were not included until version 4.2.0.
    By J-a-r-n-o

Does this work?
xpilot.msg10: #r[#ln PULA PIZDA CURVA|#ln esti o curva|#ln, ce pula mea?|#ln esti o pula |#ln esti un cal |Moashta pe gheatsa, #ln!|Sa ma lingi pe coaie, #ln!|Ma cac in gura ta #ln |Sa ma lingi pe pula, #ln!|Pula calului sa te futa #ln!!|#ln, mancami-ai curu']

    By gnalle

Probably. :-)
    By J-a-r-n-o

vandamus va da muie la toti,neam de pizde ce sinteti
    By guru

What I really need is a #k macro -- last kill.
That way I can taunt my casual victims a lot easier :)

    By OneEye

sa va fut in gura pe toti la cat mati supt ati putea sami ziceti mamica mancavar curu de tractoristi..
    By unu'smecher

ja vim
    By Krystof@Mara