Info : Why isn't my domainname just

I tried to register it, but I was one (ONE!!) week too late.
Ok, I thought. Too bad.
7 months (or so) later, I look at and it's an completly empty site. They are doing absolutly nothing with
So I send them an e-mail : "Why did you register if you are not going to do anything with it".
The next day I get an e-mail back saying (roughly translated) :

We have recieved your e-mail. You have informed us that you are interested in a certain domain. We can supply you with the following information.

At the moment there is a site being developed where first names, including the one you were interested in, are the main subject. At this site it will soon be possible to offer you e-mailadresses based on your first name.
For companies it will be possible to lease the URL concerned. Domainnames are not available for purchase.

For our mainsite we refer you to We expect that this site will be fully available within two months

We hope we have informed you sufficiently

With kind regards,

R.L.M. Broekman

YAY, I can lease my domainname!
They have registered every first name they could think of and are now hiring out domainnames.

original e-mail can be found here Dutch link