Xpilot : Newbieguide  : Jargon & Etiquette

Here is some XPilot-jargon, which is commonly used during XPilot-games.

newbie Someone who is completely new at this game. That means you!
to float To be motionless. This happens to players when they are called away or don't know how the controls work.
safe Your teams ball is safely back at its box.
ball Your teams ball has been stolen by the opponent team. Hurry and try to safe it.
to cash To put the enemies ball into your own treasurebox.
newbieball The opponent team only has a newbie left alive. Cashing in the ball now is honourless, since a newbie can't defend very well (yet).
floaterball The opponent team only has one player left and that player is a floater. Cashing in the ball is honourless.
to strafe A tactic which isn't really approved by some players. You gain some speed and then start shooting to your side continously. See this animated GIF (24 Kb).
to basekill To shoot players while they are still at their base or have just taken off.
to basemine To drop mines on or near the base of an opponent, leaving that opponent no choice, but to die by the mine or quit.
phone The phone is ringing, I have to pick up the phone and will thus float for a while.
brb Be right back (common chatjargon)
lol Laughing out loud (common chatjargon)
to flood To write so many messages at once that other players can't even see their own messages.
to suicide To run into a player shooting, with little or no chance for you to survive.
to lag To experience a lot of lag. Lag is the delay between you and the server. When the lag is very high, the delay between the play pressing a key and the actual response on the battlefield can take very long.
to wuss To play without honour.

And now to teach you some manners!

It is not nice to :

  1. Shoot opponents who are not moving.
  2. Suicide.
  3. Basekill. Which is, hang around the opponents base, not allowing him to even take off.
  4. Basemining. Which is, drop mines around the opponents base, so that he has no choice, but to die by your mines or quit.
  5. Hunt down newbies until they quit.
  6. Cash a newbieball. Which is cashing in a ball, when there is only a newbie left in the opponent team and his more experienced teammates have died already. This will cause the more experienced players to loose point, while unable to do anything about it.
  7. Cash a floaterball. Which is the same thing as above, but instead of a newbie the only remaining player is a floater, someone who doesn't move.
  8. Flood the screen with stupid messages.
  9. Only use smart missiles to kill other players, since they can be hard to evade.
  10. Insult everybody (but you probably already knew that one).
It is nice to :
  1. Help out other newbies by guiding them to my newbiemanual.
  2. Help out other newbies by showing them how to play the game.
  3. Play with honour.
  4. Follow as many of these rules as possible.
  5. Say "sorry" or "oops" if you break one.
Follow these rules, and you will be the most lovable player ever.
Don't follow these rules, and you will be a player on the wrong side of the /kick command.
Don't agree with any of this stuff or know of an xpilotjargon I missed?
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