Xpilot : Newbieguide  : Playmodes

There are three different ways of playing this game :

  1. Basic killing
  2. Alliances
  3. Teamplay
  4. Racing
Basic killing is what happens in maps like "The Globe" and "New Dark Hell". The objective is just to kill everybody.

Alliances is basic killing with teams. However, you get to pick who you ally with.

Teamplay is more complicated.  The objective is to cash a ball or kill the opposing team(s). This happens in maps like "Xpilot-Tournament" and "Team Warfare".

Racing requires quite some steeringskill. The objective of this map is to fly through all the checkpoints for a few laps. Racingmaps are "Grand Prix II" and "Crosscountry racing".



Teamplay maps may or may not contain targets.

Undamaged target Damaged target

The blue ones are the targets of your team and the red ones belong to opposing teams.
If you (or your team) shoot all of the targets of an enemy team, they will lose points. The whole opposing team may even die if the map has this setting.

You can see how much damage a target has sustained by the X being drawn in it. If the X reaches the edge of the target it will explode.
You can repair your own target by getting close to it and then press F. You will now start to transfer fuel to the target, repairing it.

Of course your opponents will try to destroy your targets. This means that you and your team must defend your own targets, while trying to attack the enemy's targets. Luckily that is exactly what a team is for. Some of teammembers can defend, while other teammembers try to attack.


Teamplays also may or may not contain treasures. These treasures, or balls as they are more commonly called, can be found in treasureboxes. The blue boxes belong to your own team and the red ones to the opposing team(s). All the treasureboxes are lethal though! If you touch any treasurebox, you will die.


Balls are worth a lot of points and when all balls of the enemy teams have been destroyed (i.e. cashed in), then your team wins. Depending on the serversettings, you can only destroy a ball if your own ball(s) are safe.
More about these balls can be found in chapter "Balls".

Limited lives

Very often teamplay maps will only give you a limited number of lives. Once you are out of lives you will have to wait until the round ends.

Your team can win a round by just being the last team to be alive.
Destroying targets as mentioned above is a very effective way of killing of an entire team if that particular mapsetting is active. All the enemy teammembers, to whom that target belonged, will lose one life.


On most racingmaps the one who has passed all the checkpoints for a number of laps is the winner. Some racingmaps don't require the player to pass the checkpoints, instead they want a ball or treasure to pass the checkpoints.
Checkpoints are the blue diamonds in the map.

Not the next checkpoint The next checkpoint

All checkpoints are empty except the one you have to pass next, which is filled. Once you have passed all the checkpoints you have finished a lap and the whole thing starts over again.
The Xpiloteer who completes all the laps the fastest will win and will start the next round at poleposition. The poleposition is the startbase, which is the closest to the first checkpoint.

On some servers you must race with a ball. In that case you have to make the ball pass the checkpoints instead of you. Pretty hard, since balls are not that easy to control. And some servers even require you to be connected to the ball when passing a checkpoint.

Try to find a map called "Grand Prix" and try (normal) racing.


On maps with the option allowAlliances turned on, players can form alliances.
When a player forms an alliance with another player, they form a team of their own. This means that (on most servers) they can't shoot eachother and (on some servers) they share their points.
It's like the teamplay option, except for the balls and targets. The advantage of alliances is that players get to choose their own teams.
You can create or join alliances through the in-game command /ally :

You can only be a member of ONE alliance. If you already are in an alliance and you join another, then those two alliances will merge into one big alliance.