Xpilot : Newbieguide : A real name

Now you know how to steer, shoot and talk.
Then next step is to get yourself a real name instead of your username.
Especially if your username happens to be root, which is the most common among homeplayers.

You can change your name in Xpilot by starting Xpilot like this :

xpilot -name <your name>
Where you obviously have to substitute <your name> by the name you desire.
When you join a server your name will be <your name>.
You can save this name by clicking on MENU, followed by CONFIG, then press NEXT until you see the button "Save configuration". Click that button and the next time you start Xpilot, it will have remembered your name.

If you have found a nice name you wish to keep for yourself, you can go register it at the metaserver. You can directly telnet to the metaserver by typing

telnet meta.xpilot.org 4400
It is easier however to use my cgi-script, where you just have to fill out the form and then my site will automatically register it for you.

Added comments

Err...if you are running xpilot as root, it is probably more important for you to learn how to create a proper use account (and to USE it).

I confess that I tend to leave a root login hanging around, though I shouldn't. But I *only* run processes as root if necessary. (It almost never is necessary to run anything as root, once you have your system configured.)

...sorry. A bit of UNIX puritanism/evangelism/something. (^&

    By Rkr

Yup, you're completely right. But root remains the most common newbienick around. :-)
    By J-a-r-n-o

if you ever want to see me play go on to port 5000 at 11:15 am
    By jvh