Microwave CD

Mircowaved CD

When I first dicovered the link English to this alternative form of CD-burning, I just had to try it. And you can see the result above. This CD was a promotional CD from CompuServe.

When you put the CD in the microwave you need to place it in the center of the microwave. I usually use some old paper to get the CD in the center. Like this :

Place paper like this
Well then, now you are ready to burn it. On my microwave it takes three seconds to make the CD shown above. Press Start and watch the pretty lightshow. When the CD is done you can't pick it up with your bare hands. Though the CD might feel cold, some very localized spots on the CD will be extremly hot.

I tried it with CD-recordables too, but they just don't seem to make good patterns. "Real" CD's make far better patterns, like the one above.

And to quote from the site, where I got this idea :

Remember, don't try this with Mom's Beatles albums!
And you can see some addictional pics here, just click on the thumbnail.
Close-up of CD-r
A close-up of the CompuServe CD above A CD-recordable after the microwave A close-up of the CD-recordable
Backdrop of CD-r
Backdrop of CD
Backdrop of CD-r
A 1024 x 786 version as backgroundimage A 1024 x 786 version as backgroundimage A 1024 x 786 version as backgroundimage
(by Itay Chamiel)