Qbasic games

Click on a game if you want to download it (No Qbasic? Look below!):
Tic, Tac, Toe Tic, Tac Toe (3,401 bytes) Windows

For one or two players. Very very hard to beat the computer.

Line Line (3,021 bytes) Windows

For two players only. The one who can keep his line alive without hitting something wins. Quite fun actually.

Memorygame Memorygame (2,655 bytes) Windows

For one player only. You'll see a keyboard with seven buttons and you are to remember which buttons where pressed.

Shoot-the-plane Shoot-the-plane (3,976 bytes) Windows*

For one player only. Hit the plane! The more you hit it in one run, the more points you'll get a shot.

Yahtzee Yahtzee (4,762 bytes) Windows*

For one to four players. The game with the dice!!

Naval Battle Naval battle (4,785 bytes) Windows

For one or two players. Shoot eachother!!

Crt Brezovar The games below were donated to me by Crt Brezovar English link.
On his homepage there is even more Qbasic-stuff, like how to use Qbasic with an IPX network, and other Qbasic libraries.

Myth Mythical Quest Windows*

For one player. Very much like Prince Persia. Use the *.exe.

High Noon High Noon Windows*

For two players only. Shoot eachother.

Jumping Jack Flash Jumping Jack Flash Windows*

For one player. Try to get to the top of the screen.

And this little program was donated to me by Ruurd.

The DNA screensaver Windows

A DNA screensaver in 6 different styles.

A pacmanlike game was donated to me by Hugo Barnard.

Blobble Windows

For one player. A pacman-like game. Only this time you can shoot.

For one player. This mazegame was donated to me by Steve.

Mazes of misery Mazes of misery Windows

For one player. Try to find the way out of this (large) maze
and collect as much stuff as possible

This tankgame was donated by Gidi Bresler.

Tank wars Tank wars Windows

For two players only. You have to shoot your opponent by adjusting the power and angle of your cannon.

This game was donated by Lucoslo.

LCWalls LCWalls Windows

For one players only. A pacman-like game, where you navigate through the maze to gather all "medaglie"'s. The game is Italian, but still understandable.

This game was donated by Timen Rinia

Neverwin Neverwin Windows

For one players only. The game is in Dutch, but fairly easy to understand. Each turn you have to take 1 to 3 points from the stack and try to force the opponent to take the last point. Oh, and it's impossible to beat the computer.

This game was donated by Michiel Kroon

Nibbles Nibbles Windows

Nibbles for four players

To play the games you just run the batch file (*.bat). For these games you will need Qbasic, but most older PC's are equipped with that. Usually in the C:\DOS or C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND directory. If not, you can find it on your Windows 95/98-CDROM.
I also have more advanced version, which you can download here:

QBasic 4.5

And many many more Qbasic-related stuff can be found at Top219.
And here is another one, the Qbasic Top 50.

Though these links is a bit forced, they are still useful to find other Qbasic-on-the-web.
NeoBASIC isn't a forced link, but it has a lot of QBasic-programs.

* Windows users : Right click the batch file, choose Properties. Then select the map "program". In the field 'workdirectory', type in the location of the game (see the field above it).