Xpilot : Newbieguide  : Advanced modifiers

There are more modifiers available, the just the C, X and N-modifiers, which were mention in "Mines, missiles and simple modifiers". They are only available if the map allows it though.

To toggle them, use these keys.
V Explosionvelocity modifier
B Strength modifier
Z Spread modifier
L Laser modifier
I Implode modifier
The velocitymodifier, V, defines how fast mine or missile explodes. V3 is the slowest. Using V3 with clustermines makes nice dense clouds of clusterdebris.

The strengthmodifier, B, defines the strength of a mine or missile, where B3 means the weakest. The weaker missiles move faster though.

The spreadmodifier, Z, defines the spread of your weapons. Z3 means very close together. Z affects your bullets when you have wideangle-items. In combination with the dividermodifier, X, it also affects how your mines are dropped and how your missiles are launched.

The lasermodifier, L, can set the effect of your laser. A normal laser just kills, but with the lasermodifier it can also blind people, like ECM, and it can stun people.

LS : Stunlaser. When you hit someone with a laser now, his shield will drop, he will stop thrusting, turning and shooting. This is a very useful way to get the opponent to drop his shield, so you can shoot him.

LB : Blinding laser. When you hit someone with a laser now, he will see nothing. The effect is the same as ECM-ing someone at very close range.

The implodemodifier, I, can make mines and missile implode instead of explode. This can be used to suck players into walls by dropping an imploding mine near a wall.

Now you know all the modifiers, you may have noticed that there are lot of them. You can group combination of these modifiers in 4 modifierbanks. You only have to press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to load your favorite setting. If you keep ` pressed and then press 1, 2, 3 or 4 you will program the bank with the currently selected modifiersetting.

Example :

You want to fire fast-exploding powerful mediumspread smart missiles with four at a time, V3B3X4Z2. Select these settings, then keep ` pressed and press 1. You may also want fast access to slowexploding clustermines, CV1B3. Select these settings, then keep ` pressed and press 2.
Now anytime you want to launch V3B3X4Z2, just press 1 and for CV1B3 mines press 2.
You don't have to program your modifierbanks every time you start a game though.
You can also edit your .xpilotrc.

Find the line called (if not present, add it):

xpilot.modifierBank1:  CLB
And change CLB into the modifiercombination you like.
Of course the same goes for 2, 3 and 4.

When you start a new Xpilotgame now, all you have to do is press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to get the modifiercombinations you desire.